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Luogo d´ispirazione

In addition to our location in Düsseldorf, our "verrocchio rooms" near Florence have a very special meaning for our customers and participants.

A place of inspiration that cannot be better!

In Borgo i Vicelli, a unique country estate in the hills of Chianti, our client teams find a perfect destination for intensive thinking, radical creation and impressive changes of perspective.

A workshop in our verrocchio rooms leads to:

  • Thinking deeply through major challenges
  • Finding the right questions in a focused way
  • Understanding innovation on the basis of the principles of success
  • Experience inspiration in the birthplace of modern innovation
  • Open the mindset of your teams and customers in a short time

We have been operating our site in Borgo i Vicelli since 2017 and experience what great learnings and ideas arise here in a short time. Borgo and Florence are uniquely linked to the DNA of the verrocchio Institute.

All the people who worked with us there still speak of the intensive and friendly working atmosphere.

Some of our special offers in Florence:

  • The master module of the training to become an innovation coach
  • Innovation Leadership Trainings for Executives
  • Intensive innovation projects and idea generation
  • Development of innovation strategies in total focus

No extra work! Another not inconsiderable advantage - Florence can be reached as quickly as Munich from Hamburg.

  • A beautiful country estate
  • Peace and seclusion for focus and inspiration
  • A great team that is always present with its extraordinary service
  • Insider tours in Florence with exciting innovation knowledge
  • It can be worked indoors and outdoors
  • Long evenings on the panorama terrace invite you to think together intensively
  • The exceptionally good food in the "Ristorante al 588" keeps body, mind and soul together
  • A fast distance to day-to-day business is guaranteed here

verrocchio rooms in Borgo i Vicelli - discover a fascinating project location - a typical small Tuscan village in the olive grove, consisting of several houses and a villa equipped with a spa and a private pool, surrounded by a 17 hectare estate mainly cultivated with olive groves and surrounded by charming woods.

Projects and workshops in the verrocchio rooms are also so special because the operators Giulia Franco and her parents have also become our family.

Further information directly to the Borgo i Vicelli at:

If you are thinking about workshops or innovation projects with us at Borgo i Vicelli, please contact us here.

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