verrocchio – The founders

Christian Buchholz
& Benno van Aerssen

Like Verrocchio himself, who was not only a sculptor, but who was achieving stunning results in several fields, the founders of verrocchio Institute are acting likewise: Benno van Aerssen and Christian Buchholz have many years of experience in numerous different sectors and are cooperating with large corporations as well as medium-sized companies. Clients describe this combination of creativity, clearness and structure as unique.

Christian Buchholz about Benno van Aerssen

I met Benno more than 10 years ago and we noticed very quickly that we are on the same wave-length: to think differently, to find ideas, to be creative. Among the two of us, Benno is the innovation artist - and I am quoting him by stating this - "someone who develops creative intelligence of people and companies prepared for change for a life full of unlimited imagination, wealth of ideas and passion." That's what describes him precisely.

Benno is the 7th German generation of a traditional church painters dynasty from Tessin and, therefore, he has creativity and wealth of ideas in his blood. He calls it his artist DNA. And it is only this, what influences all of what he is doing. Also the period during which he was working as an entrepreneur in the IT business for a long time marks his work today.

Benno is able to make complex challenges understandable by his artistic and emphatic talent. He makes images talk. When clients give the feedback to finally have understood complex contexts, then the road ahead is clear to create really new things. He has been working for more than 10 years in the international innovation business throughout Europe, North and South America, has been leading more than 1,000 workshops and has the knowledge as to many hundred methods.

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Benno van Aerssen about Christian Buchholz

"To me you are kind of the business version of Hardy Krüger“, I told Christian once. Actually, it is really the case that he is able to consider people's challenges from the most different perspectives, not least because he already worked in many countries and cultures, within more than ten years he has been leading more than 1,000 workshops world-wide. This is the primary subject during his training sessions: "When the attitude of people changes then many things will be easier for them at this point," he keeps on recognizing. Christian is someone who thinks differently. People who allow this for themselves to happen will change their own force and behavior as well.

Christian has been supporting his clients for more than ten years in taking on new perspectives and to develop good ideas. At the same time, he is able to communicate with people on eye level very well. He gives new input, which gives rise to something new in people's minds. People who like to think ahead, to make progress and to approach things differently address themselves to him.

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Benno van Aerssen and Christian Buchholz are experienced conversation partners when it comes to the development of new ideas and sustainable innovation culture. They are cooperating world-wide with large corporations as well as medium-sized companies.

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