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Examine your innovation projects

With the "Innovation Project Radar" you can measure the chances of success and maturity of innovation projects and identify the fields of action that increase success.

  • Do you want to quickly provide a professional success prognosis for your project?
  • Do you want to quickly identify the fields of action that will increase the success of your project?
  • You have to make a quick decision between 2 or 3 project candidates?
  • You want to quickly measure the development of the project during implementation?
  • You want to quickly identify the performance differences between your projects?
  • Do you want to quickly sensitize your team for the actions relevant to success?

The "Innovation Project Radar" from the verrocchio Institute helps you with all these challenging tasks.

Like most exciting tools from the verrocchio Institute, this radar is a large (DIN A0 poster) visual tool that allows your team to learn and recognize quickly.

The radar interrogates 22 parameters in 6 success-critical factors:

  • The strategic fit of your project
  • The attractiveness of your project for various stakeholders
  • The execution security of your project
  • The viability of your project
  • The adaptability of your project
  • The actual business opportunity that lies in your project

You can measure with the radar one project and easily several measurements over time in the radar with different colors.

You can also use the radar to quickly compare different projects with each other.

Ideally, you should measure a project before it starts for a forecast, during execution for development control and also after completion in order to learn from it for the next project.

You would like to use the Innovation Project Radar for your innovation projects? We make it possible for you. Order here for the price of 49,- EUR plus VAT + shipping directly the poster for the measurement. Additionally we offer a 1-day radar day for up to 10 people in your company.

For more information about the Project Radar day, please click here: verrocchio Project Radar day


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