Info frescos

Info Frescos: perceptible subject fields on 2.25 m

  • Would you like to make the subject of „innovation“ comprehensible quickly?
  • Are you wondering how to develop innovations from your ideas?
  • Would you like to transform your company with Design Thinking?

They are known as classical wall paintings in churches, which describe a scenario or give an overview of a moment or a subject. Already at first sight, they seem very comprehensive – at the same time, they provide a quick overview. Here, the special nature is hidden in the details. They can be recognized particularly quickly by taking a closer look.

Info frescos are hand-drawn, large-size infographics by Benno von Aerssen. He uses the info frescos in his consultings and workshops to give the participants a quick and efficient overview as to subjects and projects. But there are also art repro prints hanging in the innovation rooms, corridors and board rooms of his clients. This way, the info frescos generate substantial sustainability in innovation projects and contribute essentially to the very important way of informal learning of an organization.

Regularly, staff members stop in front of the big pictures and go on great learning journeys. “Even after months, you still get the impression to discover new things and aspects in those pictures,” this is a sentence which can be often heard.

A fresco generates automatically understanding, gives structure and makes a subject field tangible. That’s the very special thing about it.

Autographed and limited 1:1 art repro prints have been reproduced according to the info frescos. The repro prints are available in the format 2.25m x 1.1m and are printed on 230gr/m2 litho special paper (matt, warm-white). The originals are drawn with ink, pastel crayon and pastel chalk. All contents and texts are in English. By the name „info fresco“, Benno van Aerssen demonstrates that he is following a long family tradition. He is the 7th generation of an old Italian church painters family who immigrated to Germany in 1747.

"Universe of Innovation"

The info fresco "Universe of Innovation" gives an overview about all well-known and relevant partial subjects of the comprehensive term “innovation”. It offers more than 250 important terms and know-how appetizers as to the subjects of perception and innovation, problem detection, inspiration, lateral thinking, creative mindset, creativity techniques, idea development, idea enriching, idea filtering and assessment, fighting for ideas, trends, Business Model Generation, Design Thinking, incremental innovations, disruptive innovations, innovation management, implementation, innovation strategy, Open Innovation, innovation controlling, innovation coaching, Visual Facilitating, change, obstacles and constraints, innovation culture and creative rooms. 

"Design Thinking ++"

The info fresco "Design Thinking ++" visualizes the innovation method of Design Thinking from its origin until today. In far more than 200 aspects, it illustrates Design Thinking and the spectator will obtain a quick overview of the method. 

"Discovery of Innovation"

The info fresco "Discovery of Innovation" contains approximately 200 information units, too. It summarizes all success factors known today and also obstacles on the way to innovation success. It uses the famous explorers of our time as a metaphor and shows in particular their success factors during their great discoveries.

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