tools - Idea SedCard

How your own idea becomes
finally convincing

  • In your organization, decisions on ideas are taken too early or too short-sightedly?
  • Idea enrichment does not work at all in your organization?
  • Too many good gate ideas seem to be left behind?

With the idea SedCard you will succeed in winning the attention of your colleagues or your boss for your ideas. The functionality is as simple as brilliant: Let others be partners of your development processes with the idea SedCard. A »Not Invented Here«-syndrome will not emerge this way. Thus, this tool also contributes to the development of innovation culture.

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The idea SedCard is a tool for idea enrichment, idea characterization, idea testing and idea assessment and has been developed by Benno van Aerssen during the past 5 years.

The idea SedCard arose from working with the innovation method „Design Thinking“. Here, the idea SedCard is implemented in the stage of idea enrichment and early prototyping or testing.

On the other hand, the idea SedCard will also support people and teams working in corporate cultures in which decisions on ideas are steadily taken too early and too short-sightedly – or in which idea enrichment does not work in general. Thus, from experience, too many good preliminary ideas are left behind.

Besides the implementation in innovation projects, each staff member may use the idea SedCard also individually, in order to increase the probability that his or her idea will win the attention of colleagues and executives.

The probably biggest advantage of the idea SedCard is the integration of colleagues in the development process of your own idea and, therefore, it provides the necessary intrinsic perspective as to the idea. Thus, this tool also contributes to the development of innovation culture. People who become part of the development process of an idea are far less or even not at all prone to the „Not Invented Here“-syndrome.

In general, the aim of the idea SedCard is to test and ask how other people are perceiving the idea – it does not ask the reader for a yes/no-decision. Important during this early test is e. g. to detect misunderstandings, which the idea might still bear in itself.

How the Idea SedCard works

The idea SedCard is a DIN A3 sized form and will be provided as a Word document. 

The author of the idea only has to fill in the description space – all other spaces will be elaborated and filled in by the readers of the idea SedCard one after the other.

The form contains the following spaces:

- Description of the idea
- 5 characterizing displays
- time frame for implementation
- visual quick assessment
- the space for presumed obstacles 

Working with the idea SedCard is effected in the steps of stages „adjustment“, „filling in the description“, „distribution to the readers“, „Processing by readers“ and „Evaluation“.

As soon as the description is completed, the form will be passed on to other persons for idea testing. This can be done by passing it on 1:1 or with an idea SedCard gallery.

The reader/tester will be informed what is expected from him or her and what he or she has to do. The single points are:

- reading the description
- drawing a line in each of the 5 displays in order to give personal assessment
- drawing a cross on the time frame in order to evaluate the time of implementation
- drawing a cross in the visual quick assessment in order to give personal assessment
- Possible presumed obstacles have to be entered in the space at the left bottom
- the signature on the edge of the form in order to record the personal activity

After the idea SedCards will have been arranged as a gallery, each tester will have to read each idea SedCard and to elaborate it. From experience, this will take 3 to 5 minutes per idea SedCard.

When all testers will have read all idea SedCards, the evaluation can start, in order to select the best ideas. But also the ideas, which achieved an unexpected result can be improved and enriched once more on the basis of the insights. Afterwards they will be launched for the next round.

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