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What are Innovation Essentials?

Innovation Essentials are 1- or 2-day intensive workshops, which offer the most important and essential points of a subject in a nutshell. During the Innovation Essentials, a subject will be treated almost intravenously and as always there will be many practical examples and practical personal work out.

Typically, the Innovation Essentials are limited by us to approximately 10 participants, in order to be able to respond sufficiently to the individual challenges of the participants.

verrocchio Institute offers the Essentials also as an in-house workshop for organizations on request.

Innovationdigging - Essential | (1 day)

This innovation digging Essential will be conducted by the inventor Benno van Aerssen himself and will be rewarding for innovation digging beginners as well as for innovation digging professionals. The participants may bring their own specific innovation challenges with them, in order to elaborate them directly with innovation digging.

Price 600,- EUR or 500,- EUR respectively for Practitioner graduates


  • How we discovered innovation digging
  • The story of the Valley of the Kings
  • Application versions (Quick and Dirty / Strategically)
  • The different tools

Strong points of Innovation digging

  • Increasing innovation probability and decreasing search costs
  • Scalability and limits
  • Compatibility with existing methods and processes
  • Make innovation success predictable
  • Optimizing innovation management
  • Transparency as a success factor

Application and Mechanism

  • Understanding the challenge
  • Derivation of related subjects
  • Compiling search field spreadsheets
  • Working in a team
  • Data types in the search fields
  • Assessing spreadsheets
  • Linking with the development of ideas
  • Linking with idea data bases

Focus on different innovation types

  • Product search field matrix
  • Process search field matrix
  • Service search field matrix
  • Market search field matrix

Innovation digging part 2: the Prospection

  • The 4 questions of prospection
  • Assessing innovation chances
  • Conclusion of prospection
  • Focus incremental innovation
  • Focus disruptive innovation

Special versions and creativity accelerators

  • Expand search fields with the search field explosion
  • Creating ideas with the “headstand mode“
  • Creating ideas with the “innovation team battle”
  • Creating ideas with “lateral team battle“
  • Using more search field matrices
  • Process support and documentation

Innovation digging Workshops

  • Designing
  • Planning
  • Conducting



Design Thinking - Essential | (2 days)

Design Thinking is long since established as the macro method for client-focused innovations. During this Essential, participants will get to know the pillars as well as the details of Design Thinking. In the very style of verrocchio, many Design Thinking versions will be discussed and not only clung to a single one dogmatically. Moreover, it will be interesting to experience that Design Thinking may be implemented at best not only for end user scenarios but also for B2B and industry projects.

Price 1.200,- EUR or 1.000,- EUR respectively for Practitioner graduates

The basics

  • What is Design Thinking
  • How Design Thinkers work
  • The macro process
  • Success factors for the implementation

The pillars

  • Multi-disciplinary teams
  • Design Thinking rooms
  • The iterative, agile process

The stages in Detail

  • understanding
  • watching
  • synthesizing
  • developing ideas
  • enriching
  • prototyping
  • testing

The choice of micro methods

Design Thinking versions

  • "Design Thinking ++" the industry version
  • Design Thinking for software development
  • Design Thinking for Business Model Generation

Design Thinking Workshops

  • Designing
  • Planning
  • Conducting

Design Thinking Projects

  • Designing
  • Planning
  • Conducting

Design Thinking Tools and Infrastructure

  • Material, furniture, tools

Design Thinking Story telling

Transformation of organization with Design Thinking



Business Model Canvas - Essential | (2 days)

Benno van Aerssen is a master class graduate of Alexander Osterwalder and has used the Business Model Canvas in innovation projects for many years. The participants will get to know the Business Model Canvas in all of its facets with substantial reference to the practice. The application versions B2B and industry are particularly focused on. The individual innovation challenges of participants are always very welcome here as well. The Essential is suitable for beginners as well as for experienced users of the Business Model Canvas.

Price 1.200,- or 1.000,- respectively for Practitioner graduates


  • Business Model Generation - the story
  • The „Business Model“ - the Canvas
  • Business Model language
  • Quantity breeds quality
  • Business Model layer
  • Business Model toolset
  • Business Model online

Application versions

  • Business Model ideation
  • Business Model prototyping
  • Business Model enrichment
  • Business Model strategic

Business Model scenarios

  • Business Model Canvas for start-ups
  • Business Model Canvas for industry
  • Business Model Canvas for indirect sales
  • Business Model Canvas B2B

Business Model Tuning

  • Business Model assessment
  • Business Model disruption
  • Recurring revenues
  • Game changing cost structure
  • Others do the work
  • Lock in your customers

Business Model Testing

  • The testing process
  • Working with test cards
  • 15 seconds pitch
  • Business Model presentation
  • Why business models fail

Business Model Strategy Level

Business Model Story telling

Business Model Workshops

  • Designing
  • Planning
  • Conducting

Prospect Value Proposition Canvas



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