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Discover new impulses

  • Would you like to be supported when it comes to idea development?
  • Are you looking for solutions and did you get stuck?
  • Do you need impulses to be able to think in new ways? 

Familiar thinking thinking paths will be left and new ones will be explored by using Impulse pictures, which do not relate with your question or challenge. The associated Impulse picture method is an extraordinary and, for this reason, very productive form of lateral thinking, because the impulse will be triggered by a random pictures.

Even if there is currently no specific problem at hand, Impulse pictures will enhance creative thoughts and help in idea development, since the extraordinary as well as commonplace motives will help to recognize completely new perspectives.

What is the Impulse picture technique useful for?

  • idea development when being confronted with challenges of medium and high complexity
  • idea development concerning texts and slogans
  • seeking and finding new characteristics and application fields
  • recognizing customer groups for products or services
  • general inspiration and triggering the "creative thinking mode"
  • as an opener for each workshop

The Impulse picture technique (basic version)

Try it out right now and download 10 stimulus pictures for free:

Four different impulse picture packages

All 4 packages are completely different. Each of them contains 190 different impulse pictures. Those were photographed and produced by Benno van Aerssen himself. Already today, they are a fixed component with many teams and clients in their idea development processes. All packages contain photographs with a format of 15x20 cm and were printed on high gloss paper.

The price per Impulse picture package amounts to 175.- EUR plus VAT including a manual for the Impulse picture technique.

The Impulse pictures themselves are little masterpieces which might be implemented diversely. Every person will have their very own association with the image motif by looking on it. This way, the participants will be separated easily from their familiar paths and some new perspective and ideas will be possible. This method is useful particularly for inexperienced participants and teams, therefore, it may be implemented in individual work as well as in bigger groups. 

By using it, also a way to the personal experiences and emotions of the participants can be found, since the pictures will make them visible. Take advantage of those characteristics and create some inspiring atmosphere with the Impulse pictures, which will sharpen the view for particular details.

Here's how it works:

  1. What is your challenge? Bring it into the form of a question, e.g.: "How can the appearance of our trade-show booth be improved?"
  2. Choose an Impulse picture randomly.
  3. All participants should connect their associations with the picture to the challenge and write their thoughts e.g. on presentation cards. Which objects, colors, emotions, experiences, details are most striking? For instance: "The trade-show booth could be outside the hall." "The trade-show booth will give the impression of a fireplace room." "The trade-show booth could look like a shooting gallery and our products could be the prizes." "If the trade-show booth will smell like coffee, more people would be attracted."
  4. Let yourself be carried away and led to new thinking paths by those sentences.

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