tools - Innovation digging

Concentrating creative power, finding Innovation search fields

  • Are you still looking for the undetected problems of your clients?
  • Are you looking for exciting and expedient innovation search fields?
  • Are you looking for systematic inspiration for your team?

Innovation digging was developed by Benno van Aerssen and Tamer Kemeröz and it is the first method of this kind. It defines the new generic term of creative power concentration.

There are countless moments in companies when good ideas are needed. People gather in order to collect things, but the conversation gets stuck all the time. Not to talk about flow in the least. A decision is taken, that everyone should go and think about ideas for themselves till the next meeting.

However, developing ideas could work much better though right from the beginning. With innovation digging. 

Innovation digging describes a method for innovation development and is like a professional archeological excavation: a systematic search in defined areas, which are elaborated – and later on also expanded and tested - by a team.

Innovation digging is absolutely recommendable in the development of new products, services, processes, market and business fields as well as for optimizing the client contact and their satisfaction.

The book on this topic: Innovation digging: ...or systematic idea excavation in the valley of the hidden search fields

Features and functions

  • Innovation digging increases innovation probability
  • Innovation digging will find hidden search fields.
  • Innovation digging decreases the idea and innovation search costs by a simple measureable and structured process which helps to concentrate the creative power in a company systematically.
  • Innovation digging offers a systematic and structured approach for finding ideas and generating innovation.
  • Innovation digging will achieve quick results and avoids moments of frustration.
  • Innovation digging increases the efficiency of idea development and decreases the costs, which would arise due to aimless discussions and constant re-synchronization of teams.
  • Innovation digging increases team motivation and provides some concentration of power since no one has to be worried that his or her own search field could be missed.
  • Innovation digging generates steadily valuable predetermined breaking points and mile stones due to transparent documentation.
  • Innovation digging offers the possibility to form performance indicators on the basis of which the entire idea development process can be calculated and controlled.
  • Innovation digging is an ideal preliminary stage for idea development with the „idea instant help”.

You want to systematically dig for innovation ideas? Then order now our Innovation digging poster for the price of 49,- EUR plus VAT + shipping for direct use. Of course, we also offer the possibility to tap the full potential of the method in a workshop together with the method inventor Benno van Aerssen. Ask us for more information!


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Answers to important questions

This method is suitable for companies and teams of any size because innovation digging can be scaled and adjusted easily.

If you do not have any good answer to at least one of these 7 questions, you will benefit definitely from innovation digging, that’s what we promise.

  1. Where do we have to start with idea and innovation development?
  2. How can we concentrate and manage creative power in the company expediently, in order to prevent reliably the feared „creative Sodom and Gomorrha“?
  3. How can we keep idea development within the value creation corridor of our company?
  4. How can we look beyond the horizon of our know-how in a structured way to find new idea search fields with high innovation potential?
  5. How can we increase the probability for radical or disruptive innovations methodically?
  6. How can we control innovation processes in future and calculate without impeding them?
  7. How do we create the necessary motivation so that each team member will support also the ideas of colleagues at 100%?

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