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On the high seas

A team that is going to sail on our motor yacht is looking for an intense place for a particularly intense and significant challenge. 

On a 4 day trip, in the beautiful areas around Berlin, skipper Benno van Aerssen and Christian Buchholz often explore …

  • … the development of innovation strategies
  • … the conception of signature projects
  • … a totally focused idea generation, without any distraction
  • … intensive top management discussions
  • … the development of future scenarios
  • … or, or, or

We have made again and again the experience that it is particularly successful on our motor yacht …

  • … to determine the course of the company, project or strategy
  • … to keep the course of a project and not drift off
  • … to correct the course of a difficult project in the right direction
  • … to stop a project with foresight
  • … to professionally defy wind and gusts that attack your challenge
  • … to anchor and moor safely with your team
  • … to safely plumb the depth of water under your project
  • … to secure the lines of your strategy with the right knots
  • … to pursue a challenging goal together
  • … to take the helm when others do not dare to
  • … to avoid a list and to ride hard on the wind again
  • … to efficiently avoid a rollover of your measure
  • … to make the radical project for the implementation seaworthy
  • … to work "all hands" in seconds during demanding manoeuvres

The trip takes place on a motor yacht with 3 cabins, 3 showers and 3 toilets, for a team of 6 people plus our two innovation coaches.

4 days working and brooding on the motor yacht means for your team ...

  • … 4 days working and living in a confined space
  • … 4 days of total focus at work without any distraction
  • … 4 days in close coordination about work and life on board
  • … 4 days slipping into different roles like strategist, idea finder, planner, developer, sailor, ship's cook, helmsman, bunk mate
  • … 4 days brooding in the wild, anchoring in the open
  • … 4 days to make many new discoveries
  • … 4 days just being on the water
  • … 4 days intensive teambuilding

It also helps the team to focus on their work and to be involved in all work on board that has to do with the trip and life on board like ...

  • … planning the cruise
  • … providing for the procurement of the catering
  • … preparing the meals and baking them up and down
  • … maintaining and keeping the yacht clean
  • … beeing at the helm
  • … docking and locking together
  • … and, and, and

If you are interested, simply contact Skipper Benno van Aerssen via our "Event request" form or personally. He can answer all questions about a verrocchio cruise.

Additional information about the yacht

The motor yacht promises you spaciousness and comfort in all respects. Three spacious cabins and three showers/toilets together with the above-average large saloon offer you a lot of space on your trip.

The motor yacht lies full in the water, is pleasant in handling and powerful in propulsion.

Saloon: Saloon with beautiful views, complete with galley, large seating area (converts to a double berth), cupboards and lots of storage.

Prow: Bow cabin with large V-berth and storage. Bow toilet room with electric toilet, wash basin and shower function.

Rear: Two identical cabins each with 3 single beds (convertible to double bed) and lockers.

Two spacious identical wet rooms with toilet, shower and wash basin accessible from the cabin or from the corridor. In addition there is a bunk bed in each of the cabins with a berth length of approx. 1.60 m.

Length: 14 Meters, Weight: 17T

Area overview map

All areas are logistically very fast and easy to reach for your team.

verrocchio Notes

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