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Measure your innovative ability

During the verrocchio Radar day, the current innovation and renewal ability of teams, departments, business units and entire organizations can be analyzed efficiently and expediently within one day.

The Innovation Performance Radar (abbreviated: IPR) and its result visualization are compatible with all innovation initiatives and development measures, which might already being taken parallelly. We will also integrate your innovation suppliers into the radar day.

The Innovation Performance Radar developed by verrocchio institute will accompany the participants throughout the entire day. Further information on the method can be found in the tool description.


The verrocchio Institute has been active in the international environment for years. Through customer projects in more than 15 countries verrocchio offers a wealth of experience in virtual collaboration and project management. All formats are offered as face-to-face events and digitally.

The result at the end of the verrocchio Radar day will be huge and visual clarity about the current status as to the innovation and renewal ability of the team, the department or an entire organization. On the basis of the achieved clarity, the substantial transaction corridors will be derived during that day, in order to increase the innovation or renewal ability in a measurable way. 

The verrocchio Radar day can be booked individually as a single day at the verrocchio institute. During long-term commitment of verrocchio institute, the verrocchio Radar day is always a fixed component in the cooperation. At stipulated points of time, we will measure the development in our clients' innovation and renewal ability.

Since the verrocchio institute is always acting as a neutral entity during those measurements, the responsible key persons of the innovation development measures currently being taken in an organization should be present during the Radar days as well and contribute to the measuring.

Our services include

  • phone briefing for preparation
  • entire Radar day (with 1 - 10 participants)
  • photograph documentation of the day and the results
  • 2 further radar sheets for your own interim measurings
  • one-day follow-up measuring after 6 months

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