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Signature innovation projects

A Signature Product/Service (also Flagship-Product) is a product/service that stands most strongly for the company or the brand and is perceived by customers as a top product of the company.

For example, one could say that Albert Einstein's "Signature Idea" is the theory of relativity, or Queen's "Signature Song" is probably "We will rock you".


The verrocchio Institute has been active in the international project environment for years. Through customer projects in more than 15 countries verrocchio offers a wealth of experience in the field of virtual collaboration and remote facilitation. All formats are offered as face-to-face events and digitally.

The development of Signature Innovation projects always takes place under special conditions:

  • A failure would damage the entire image of the company
  • There is no second attempt
  • It always has a direct board mandate
  • Board members are always involved in operational innovation
  • The result is always very radical to disruptive and completely redefines at least parts of the market
  • The success is always clearly visible in the balance sheet of the company

The team of the verrocchio Institute has accompanied several Signature projects over the years and developed the LOS framework (likelihood of success framework), with which the probability of success is extremely optimized.

The basic parameters in the cooperation are:

  • At least 2 senior innovation coaches of the verrocchio Institute accompany the project
  • With over 20 innovation coaches and experts, verrocchio can quickly scale its team if necessary
  • The verrocchio Institute gives a guarantee of exclusivity for the industry or product category
  • The verrocchio fee calculates reduced base fees with additive, dynamic profit sharing
  • A Project War Room available over the entire project period
  • A project team with allocated time for the entire project period
  • At least one member of the board of directors is operationally involved
  • For the project management and the leading innovation coaches there is a red wire to the board of directors even outside of the attendance days
  • Verrocchio ensures the necessary innovation know-how for the participants in the ramp-up phase
  • Verrocchio is maximally involved in all decision making
  • Additional special experts are always recruited for special topics
  • In Design Thinking, the largest time contingents are focused on the work packages "Observing" and "Testing
  • The project participants are additionally supported and developed with the "PATI" program of verrocchio
  • Project participants have access to all available verrocchio tools including a FLIP Premium Account
  • There are no long breaks in the course of the project, work is done continuously and compactly so as not to risk loss of momentum
  • The project is communicated closely with professional project marketing throughout the company

It goes without saying that the verrocchio Innovation Project Radar is already used in our first talks in order to quickly get maximum clarity about the common fields of action.


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