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the concentrated innovation knowledge comes to you

This one-day, interactive in-house intensive workshop will provide your management and top executives with a professional overview and clarity as to the subjects of idea development, innovation management and innovation culture.

This way, your team will get to know quickly - as with a Kick-starter - the subjects and tools for enhancing the innovation ability and establishing innovation culture expediently.

Without digging too deep into the individual subjects, the kick-start will offer all interesting knowledge nuggets for idea development and innovations as well as inter-active practice with wow-effects and new conclusions.


The verrocchio Institute has been active in the international environment for years. Through customer projects in more than 15 countries verrocchio offers a wealth of experience in virtual collaboration and project management. All formats are offered as face-to-face events and digitally.

(„The Universe of Innovation“, 225 cm x 110 cm)

The participants will obtain some inter-active overview and "state of the art" basic knowledge as to the subject of "innovation" by visual support in the form of the info fresco "The Universe of Innovation". Knowledge nuggets will alternate with inter-active elements and the referenced methods and techniques all day long.

After this Kick-starter and overview, the participants will be able to develop their own individual consolidation agenda.

There will be the opportunity to purchase a signed and limited repro print of the info fresco for 250.- EUR at the end of the Kick-starter. The repro print will be implemented in the company for innovation work and knowledge distribution.

Substantial benefit dimensions

  • Some quick and "state of the art" overview as to the subjects of idea development, creativity, innovation management and innovation culture.
  • A common innovation glossary, in order to discuss the challenge of "innovation" more efficiently and expediently.
  • Know-how lead for a convincing and credible management mandate.

Subjects/planets, where we will head for

… and which will be visualized in the info fresco:

  • perception and observation
  • problem detection - inspiration
  • lateral thinking
  • creative mind-set
  • creativity techniques
  • idea development
  • idea enrichment
  • idea filtering and evaluation
  • fighting for ideas
  • mega and micro trends
  • business model generation
  • design thinking
  • incremental innovations
  • disruptive innovations
  • innovation management
  • implementation
  • innovation strategy
  • open innovation
  • innovation controlling
  • innovation coaching/innovation distribution
  • the power of visualization
  • change
  • innovation obstacles and barriers
  • innovation culture
  • creative rooms
  • perpetual transformation

On each planet we will ask ourselves questions:

  • How does it work?
  • How is it related to the other subjects?
  • What are the best practices and experiences with it?
  • What are the challenges and pitfalls in this subject?
  • How relevant is this planet for us?
  • ... and much more.

(Image of a Innovation Kickstarter)

The kick-starter concept will be composed of the following components:

  • overview and current know-how transfer as to all core terms for the necessary clarity about the subject.
  • practical exercises for creativity techniques from headstand technique and brain writing to lateral thinking according to Edward de Bono. Our repertoire offers more than 50 creativity techniques. Besides the fixed techniques, we always implement some spontaneous choices as well, also on the basis of the specific challenges of the participants.
  • lots of meaningful questions and reflections.
  • permanent, animated and motivating dialogue with the coach.
  • a little creative present with which each participant will make a striking creative impression with colleagues and also friends and which will trigger him or her to talk about creativity and idea development. This will enhance sustainability and raise the learning curve considerably.

What you might expect

An entertaining one-day in-house workshop, which:

  • will show and train very precise, practical techniques and methods, tips and advice and shows how creativity and innovation will be part of your corporate life from tomorrow onwards.
  • will demonstrate the importance of innovations against the background of globalization, economic crises and market changes nowadays.
  • will show the unused creative power which lies dormant within most companies and how it may become accessible precisely and practically.
  • will motivate and activate your participants. - can be implemented already on the very next day.

verrocchio Notes

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