campus - Remote Innovation Facilitator

The online qualification for
digital innovators

The online qualification as Remote Innovation Facilitator enables teams to solve their challenges 100% digitally.

Executives, team leaders, design thinkers, agile and innovation coaches will find the necessary know-how to collaborate effectively and achieve impressive results - regardless of the location of the participants.

Digital workshops are different. The right tools, a clear concept and digital moderation have a decisive influence on success.

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Digital practice
Each module contains an intensive practical part in which we work together on a practical project in the verrocchio workspace.

Digital tools
Intensive introduction to all necessary digital tools. No previous technical knowledge is required.

Digital mindset
We share our experience from over 1,000 innovation projects and show how digital workshops can be made a success.

All inclusive


No recorded clips, all sessions are performed live by the founders of the
verrocchio Institute


Suck it and see. Each participant can create an own workspace and use it
e.g. with his team


On some days there are other dates.
No problem. We record every session,
so you can easily make up the missed module


Some questions come only after the session - for this purpose there is a community of all Remote Facilitators - even after the end of the course


Alternating between learning phases
and working together on concrete challenges


Brimming with innovation know-how, digital practical experience and practical work in the digital verrocchio workspace


The most popular innovation process is also applied in our training. In the practical phase we go through all Design Thinking phases for problem solving


Writing down is not necessary.
There is extensive working material for each session


"Everything we know about cooperation is changing: where it is made, how it is made and who makes it. In addition to new tools and new methods, we need a new digital mindset.“
Christian Buchholz and Benno van Aerssen - Founder of the verrocchio Institute

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