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Accelerating Innovations with legal knowledge

Time and again, lawyers are the spoilsports of innovation! Pioneering innovations were developed, but suddenly the legal department raises an objection, as the legal framework still has to be clarified. Often it is a matter of clarifying patents and other trademark rights. But other issues such as secrecy, infringement of rights or unauthorized use of software etc. can also confuse everything.

An important factor is the time schedule. If an important patent has yet to be applied for, many months may pass. This can ruin the decisive lead. And until then, absolute silence must be maintained, otherwise all efforts were in vain. If someone should slip up or the rights cannot be secured, the legal emergency brake will be pulled at some point. Then countless hours of innovation work will have been in vain, large sums of money will have been spent pointlessly, the market lead will have been lost. And the willingness to take a new risk dwindles from project to project.

These scenarios are commonplace in German companies. The culprits are quickly found: the lawyers. They still find a hair in the innovation soup, they dig up further concerns and lay huge stumbling blocks on the way to new products..

Many obstacles can be removed early in the innovation process, and with the help of legal know-how, the goal can be achieved even faster. And those who know more about how aspects of the innovation process are to be legally assessed can clarify legal questions earlier and more specifically.

The training

For this reason, we have developed a special training format with Armin Schobloch, lawyer and innovation coach, which gives you the necessary know-how to carry out effective innovation work, to avoid unnecessary costs, to accelerate rather than hinder innovation and to develop new, even more far-reaching innovations. You receive tailor-made background knowledge that enables you to ask the right questions, analyse weaknesses and find solutions during the development process.

  • What is intellectual property law?
  • What other rights are there and how do I distinguish between them?
  • Rights can be protected - but not always!
  • Software, technology, services - intellectual property is hidden everywhere
  • The patent - what is it anyway?
  • When do I have to involve whom in the innovation work?
  • How does the patent and trademark search work? The powerful tool saves money, time and nerves
  • Which methods can I use to include legal aspects?
  • Who knows what? Not all lawyers are the same, so it is good to know who is the best contact person and when 
  • Quiet chamber versus open innovation: Sometimes secrecy must be easy
  • When patent protection is an obstacle ... How do you integrate customers, suppliers and other external partners?
  • Own lawyers or external (patent) attorneys?
  • How can we still use our rights and patents?
  • How far does the legal protection have to go? Questions concerning the national and international handling of patents and Co
  • reports from the world outside 
  • lawyers who did a proper job
  • companies that have prevented innovation through lack of know-how

The training is aimed at a broad group of people: Beneficiaries will be those who are involved in the development of innovative products and services on the one hand and those who are responsible for the promotion and implementation of innovations on the other.

What you can expect!
  • Two days of compact knowledge about the law of innovations
  • Extensive material to read, use and pass on
  • Great atmosphere for concentration on the essential
  • Sufficient food and brain food
  • Enough time to exchange experiences and network


07./08.09.2020 - Düsseldorf

We offer the Basic Legal Training as an open seminar as well as an internal event. You can book your participation in the open seminar directly on the above date or you can request the training as an internal event at your company.


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The Speaker

Armin Schobloch studied law and has 13 years of experience as product and business developer.

Whether it is copyright and legal assessment of newly created works, getting to know new people and cultures around the globe or developing new products. He knows what it takes to establish successful innovations and which hurdles and blockades are pure poison for innovations.

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